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Wait, How Can I Receive Distant Reiki Via The Internet BUT Not An Attunement?

First off, thank you so much for reading my previous blog post! Your question is intelligent. Let's look at the answer together.  Traditionally rained Reiki Masters know the reason why an attuenment cannot occur via a book or the internet but must be performed live. This has to do with a Reiki connection between the Master and student to the Reiki that can only be achieved together in real time. Undergoing live training is to prepare the student energetically as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritual to receive the higher frequency energies into his or her body system. The Reiki Master ensures the student is properly prepared so s/he can fully assimilate and purify the negative energies as they are transmuted in the chakras to pass efficiently through the centers and release from the body rather than be circulated through the body simply in an altered state. The Master trains the student in how to connect the channels prior to the attunement. This training is done with

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